the nba is dead to me

I used to defend the NBA against those who thought college basketball was the superior incarnation of the game. Fan disillusion after a major point-shaving scandal in the college game, after all, was the reason the fledgling Basketball Association of America (BAA) was able take off as a viable league. Fittingly, NBA Commissioner David Stern has taken this opportunity in the midst of March Madness to, in no uncertain terms, throw Seattle professional basketball under the bus:

While taking questions about an NBA relocation subcommittee’s recommendation to move the Sonics to Oklahoma City, Stern said, “The reason that this journey began was because KeyArena was not an adequate arena going forward and there were a lot of recommendations made for another arena … but the tax revenues and the various contributions weren’t forthcoming.”
. . .
“I think Seattle is actually a terrific market. It just doesn’t have an NBA-ready arena of the future that’s been agreed to by all parties for many years,” Stern said. “It’s a very strong market that has, in fact, supported NBA basketball well over the years. When you come to a place like Oklahoma, you look for the single-team market as opposed to, for example, a market that has three or more professional sports leagues in it.”

Thanks a lot, you schmuck. At least we now know that it’s not a case of the league standing by as an owner makes the midnight move to, say, Indianapolis. No, this is a league colluding with some backstabbing Oklahomans against even its own best interest, somehow believing that market share trumps revenues–to say nothing of loyalty.

You can take your league and shove it, Stern. Under your watch, your refs have turned crooked, your players have turned into egotistical circus acts, and now your own front office has all the warmth and tact of Stalin’s cold, dead body. I hope even the NHL buries you for defecating on what was once my favorite league.


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