islamic lobby hates cute puppies

If CAIR wants to hunt down those who are making Islam look bad, maybe they want to look at some of their own followers. It seems Muslims in Scotland are outraged by a postcard that local police sent to publicize their new phone number, featuring a “wide-eyed, 6-week-old puppy” named Rebel. A comment over at Alarming News, whence this link came, quotes a Russian-language blog:

Islamists became inconsistent. Why single out just puppies? According to Homeini, the list of unclean things (offensive to Muslims) goes like this: urine, excrements, sperm, corpse, blood, dog, pig, non-Muslim, wine, beer, and the sweat of a camel if he ate something unclean listed above. Judging by this list, a portrait of the Queen is offensive, too.


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