"and what's up with airline food?!"

A collection of observations from the first leg of the ’08-’09 India trip.

* I had no screaming babies on my IAD-AMS flight, but my seat-neighbor smelt as if he had done step aerobics in a compost heap before boarding the flight. And then, it seemed, he tried to cover it up with some Deep Woods OFF.

* At least I got some entertainment through taunting the poor, smelly, obviously-frustrated Indian (*sigh*) fellow by flashing the American Apparel ad on the back page of this week’s Onion.

* Swear to God my flight attended looked like Leslie Feist. Particularly while she was counting things.

* Wine and Oreos is something no one should ever experience. ’nuff said.

* The more I think about how awesome an iPhone tethering arrangement would’ve been, the more I wish the punk who stole said iPhone is sodomized by an un-sanded, sentient, and sadistic baseball bat before being beaten to death with his own leg.

* I could listen to Schiphol Airport’s English announcer tell me about Dutch smoking regulations for hours. She is a classy lady.


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