bollywood chutzpah

A Hindi film titled Ghajini is set for release over here this weekend with an exciting plot: a man with anterograde amnesia tries to hunt down his lover’s murderer(s). Oh, wait: I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that plot before. It’s not that I’m particularly surprised by the cinematic plagiarism—Hindi films haven’t come up with an original plotline since about 1977.

No, what gets me is that Aamir Khan, the lead whose primary contribution to the film is having spent six months in solitary confinement in a gym, can say with a straight face that the movie isn’t a ripoff. Except it might be, but only of the Tamil movie of the same name. “Amir said that…storyline, screenplay, direction and everything is totally different. You watch both the film and you realize how different the two films are.” Yeah. One is among IMDb’s top 25 movies, and the other takes one of IMDb’s top 25 movies and drops it into a fecal bucket of song-and-dance and poorly choreographed fight sequences. That’s a pretty big difference.


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