india update

I’m near death from uncomfortable guest beds, mosquito attacks, and the sadistic traffic patterns around the Bhat family’s home here in Pune. We leave tomorrow for Bhopal, via Indore. In the next several days, we three (Mom, the sis, and yours truly) will be witnessing or participating in several Sathe family events in the two cities, including:
* Vivek Mama‘s [uncle] housewarming shindig
* Cousin Devashish’sª munja [thread ceremony]
* Sathe aaji‘s [grandma] 75th birthday hullabaloo
* Vijay Mama‘s classical indian recital for said hullabaloo.

I’m traveling four of the next six days, and I’m pretty sure that if I don’t get that upgrade on the Delhi-Amsterdam leg, it’ll be my cold, lifeless body arriving at Dulles on Sunday. Hopefully I’ll live to see you jerks later.

ª – DJ Salty Pretzel, for those of you just joining us


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