how merlin mann made me feel better about my cynicism

I work very closely with social media in my job, but I might be one of the most cynical in my organization about its uses and merits. I’ve been working on being less of a jerk about the OMGWEB2.0WTFBBQ bandwagon, but Merlin Mann says it much better than I ever could in his excellent SxSW rant-duet with John Gruber:

Merlin Mann: Or, like, and my rant?—?and I’m sorry, I’m not gonna shut up about this?—?I’m so tired of every social media douche going “Zappo’s is on Twitter!”. And you’re like, “Yeah, they’re on Twitter; after putting millions of dollars into customer support.” It’s like, getting an account on Twitter does not make you Zappo’s. Having the resources behind serving the shit out of your audience makes you Zappo’s. And it doesn’t happen overnight, with a login and an email that you click on a link. So anyway; not to go on a rant.

John Gruber: Have you ever read… ’cause you know, Comcast is on Twitter.

. . .and. . .

Merlin Mann: So people think “Oh, you’re so down on social media. Why are you such a jerk?”. And I’m like, “‘Cause social media, when it’s really social media, is not about what you have to say; it’s having a tolerance for what people have to say about you.”?—?which is so different from posting about your great run. Social media is when they say “You’re a jackass. Stop talking about your run.” That’s social media. And that’s the conversation.

And one wonders if even social media experts understand that.


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