why i never post my photos to facebook

With Flickr you can get out, via the API, every single piece of information you put into the system.

Every photo, in every size, plus the completely untouched original. (which we store for you indefinitely, whether or not you pay us) Every tag, every comment, every note, every people tag, every fave. Also your stats, view counts, and referers.

Not the most recent N, not a subset of the data. All of it.

It’s your data, and you’ve granted us a limited license to use it.

Additionally we provide a moderately competently built API that allows you to access your data at rates roughly 500x faster then the rate that will get you banned from Twitter.

Exactly. I’m super lazy about taking pictures. If I’m going to go through all that work, I’m going to make damn sure a) I can get those photos back, and b) they aren’t degraded to a crappy resolution.

[Kellan Elliott-McCrea, via Chairman Gruber.]


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