Indians’ selective sensitivity

Ah, it’s campaign season again, which means it’s time for me to hear how I should join the Brown People Bandwagon™ and support the President—like Shefali Duggal Razdan, Deven Parekh, Sunil Sabharwal and Kavita Tankha, all named by the Hindustan Times* as typically oblivious fundraisers for the President’s re-election campaign.

Maybe I should climb aboard that bandwagon. I mean, clearly leading Indian-Americans seem to have no problem with the administration’s inability to understand innovation without their branding, let alone the Vice President’s Michael Scott-like racial observations. (Good thing he’s not George Allen or we’d have to care!)

* n.b.—I still have a grudge against the HT, who very casually linked a holy figure in my faith to an ideology that has helped kill hundreds of millions world wide. So yeah, f*ck the HT while we’re at it.


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