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the engagement
In your blogger’s humble opinion, there are few better occasions for relaunching a blog than an engagement. And so, in the interest of higher traffic and making a handful of you squee, I present some stuff from the greatest trick the devil ever pulled: convincing the beautiful Miss Uy to marry me. Him. Whatever. It’s after the jump.

here's a distraction

I have a list of about 20 hours of work I want to do to my site, because I’m too proud to start a Tumblog. In the meanwhile, here’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard in a podcast.

The Sound of Young America—Matt Braunger

meshugene men

Promo for the Purim show at 92Y Tribeca*, via Design Observer:

*-I’ve never understood why they keep the 92Y branding. Tribeca is nowhere near 92nd. The geographic center in my brain hurts.

chicken head tracking

This post is not about Mumbai. I’m trying really hard to avoid frothing-at-the-mouth posts, so I’ll direct you to the live feed at Tweet Grid for information on that.

Here, I have something completely different. It’s about the physiology of the chicken. They are weird m*&^%$f@!#+rs.

saved by zero, the movie

If you watch this commercial, you will DIE.

Savedbyzero! Savedbyzero! Savedbyzero! [via Design Observer]

don draper has my back

107. Dear Don Draper, I’m single and looking to hook up with the type of girl that goes out on Halloween dressed as Mystique from the first X-Men movie or another costume that only requires body paint. What should I be for Halloween?

I can’t really picture what you’re looking for, but I’m sure it explains why you’re single. Also: I’m opposed to wearing costumes for Halloween or any other occaision. If forced, I’ll wear a tux and simple masquerade mask and stand near the bar.

the power of noodles

Teaching atomic properties and powers of two via pasta-making.

Science is delicious! (via Kottke)

works better for some than for others

Merlin Mann posts a useful life hack:

Here’s a life hack.
To determine within 75% confidence whether you were incredibly frustrated at the time you named a document, project, setting, or client file: check whether the name you chose begins with the adjective, “Fucking.”

Quite true. I still have a Word document, a checklist from college of the AFI Top 100 (which we never finished) titled “GODDAMMIT SHERMAN, JUST ONE MORE YARD.doc” or something to that effect from one Eric Nies

the tragic tale of mr. würfel

From Swiss-German animator Rafael Sommerhalder, via Swissmiss.

also, green day

anarchist (?n’?r-k?st) – n. – political and social provocateur whose activist education is rooted in a used Fight Club DVD and six Rage Against the Machine MP3s. cf. mook with an associate degree.

Merlin Mann

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