in india

I’m finally settled in India, and have my first set of photos up on Flickr. There are quite a few shopping photos, as a colorful, brightly lit sari shop makes for a good test stage for iPhone photography. My cousin Rohit’s impending doo—er—wedding will make another good stage.

My family has arrived at my grandmother’s house in Kothrud (suburban Pune) in stages: I flew into Mumbai just after midnight Tuesday, waited SIX HOURS for my sister arriving from Cairo, and together with her taxi’d here. My parents got here early this morning, and various relatives on my cousin Rohit’s mom’s side have arrived for the upcoming festivities.

I’m a lot less overwhelmed by the influx of distant family than I was for Rohit’s brother’s wedding 7 1/2 years ago, and I think having gotten to know everyone the year I lived here definitely helped. Having an iPhone with a reliable data plan to retreat to helps, as well.

marathi jevan!

With my acquisition of a pressure cooker and its sundry auxilliary elements, I am finally able to cook a proper Marathi meal, almost like aai used to make. And still does. After the jump, my modest attempt at foodblogging.

the nationals' new ballpark

New Nats Park: panorama INew Nats Park: panorama II