wu-tang financial

First Jay-Z and now the Wu. “Because you and your fam can’t be relying on wankstas like Smith Barney.”

[via Merlin Mann’s Kung Fu Grippe]

jay-z (feat. santogold) – "brooklyn (go hard)"

Jay-Z, Santogold, Brooklyn, and a type-o-licious video. What’s not to like?

Jay-Z on iLike – Get updates inside iTunes

Nothing. That’s what. (Track via Pop Tarts Suck Toasted; video by Evan Roth, whose dream just came true.)

the summit doesn't differ from the deep, dark valley

And the valley doesn’t differ from the kitchen sink

I really need to hack into my CSS files and redo my ordered lists. Until then, another top10 in minor key…

1) This is Not a Test • Volume One • She & Him
2) Cherbourg • The Flying Club Cup • Beirut
3) Black & Gold • Sam Sparro • Sam Sparro
4) Love Will Tear Us Apart • Substance • Joy Division
5) Deep Blue • Velocifero • Ladytron
6) Nighttiming • Nighttiming • Coconut Records
7) Empty Hearts • The Historical Conquests Of Josh Ritter • Josh Ritter
8) Canadian Girl • You & Me • The Walkmen
9) Oh Yeah? • Cherry Kicks • Caesars
10) Tessellate • Elephant Shell • Tokyo Police Club

literal "take on me"

A parody of A-Ha’s “Take on Me” in which the lyrics are literal. Band mont-aaaaaaaaage!

(via, yes, Kottke)

stevie wonder on sesame street, 1972

Not as adorable as Feist, but. . . dayyyyyum.

Kid on the fire escape is loving it.
(via Kottke)

the walkmen, "in the new year"

Holy crap. I am so excited for the Walkmen show this Saturday at the 930. You & Me is already at least my second favorite album (after Everyone Who Pretended to LIke Me Is Gone) and is making a good run at #1. SO. EXCITED.

Jeremy H passes along a video (after the jump) of Hamilton and the ‘men in Juan’s very cramped Basement. Did I mention I am pumped for this weekend’s show?

In other news, Tokyo Police Club are opening for Weezer’s current tour, including a spot at Madison Square Garden. I’m pretty happy for them, but to me, they’ll always be a bunch of gawky Canadian teenagers playing indie rock venues. [h/t: Pop Tarts Suck Toasted]

the now explosion

In 1968, broadcaster Bob Whitney experimented with a new program that would play Top 40 singles with a continuous video feed. The result was The Now Explosion, a show a lot like the weekly Top 40 shows of Casey Kasem and Rick Dees. The show recorded in Atlanta and broadcast on WATL-TV. A young Ted Turner later bought the rights and broadcast it on his new station, WTCG-TV (which would, in 1979, become WTBS). Production was pretty crude, but kind of amazing for its time. After the jump, a peak at psychedelic-era MTV and how it was produced.

wes anderson and jason schwartzman shop for CDs and DVDs

YouTube – Wes Anderson and Jason Schwartzman Shop for CDs and DVDs. Pretty sure I’d be deep in debt after such a shopping trip.

music to self medicate to

I know I sort of abandoned the top10. But for the moment…a third of a liter of gin, a half-flask of Dewar’s, and this is what I have to show for it*:

1) Canadian Girl • You & Me • The Walkmen
2) Endless Shovel • Out of the Shadow • Rogue Wave
3) The Wind • Almost Famous • Cat Stevens
4) You Are What You Love • Rabbit Fur Coat • Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins
5) The Philadelphia Grand Jury • Widow City • The Fiery Furnaces
6) The Baskervilles • Elephant Shell • Tokyo Police Club
7) Dependence • Beauties Never Die • Sissy Wish
8) Barely Listening • Barely Listening • Pilot Speed
9) Subhuman Girl • Cherry Kicks • Caesars
10) Tonight I Have To Leave It • Our Ill Wills • Shout Out Louds

* – Well, last night, anyway. Tonight was just beer and cathartic venting and pretentious music talk.

aimee mann, "freeway"

From Aimee Mann’s latest album, @#%&! Smilers:

Bonus for readers of Something*Positive: the real T-Bob is the bare-scalped fellow in the above video.

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