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Star Wars translated into Chinese, and then translated back to English.

Episode III: The Backstroke of the West.

(c.f. Macho Business Donkey Wrestler)

arrested development = the godfather

Arrested Development is basically The Godfather as a sitcom.

In The Godfather, Michael Corleone wants to leave his family business behind and find a normal life on his own terms. However, he is forced into the family business when an attempt has been made on his father’s life, as he is the only one qualified amongst his brothers and sister to continue the family business. Michael is practically the only one who looks after his father, helping to evade further attempts on Don Vito’s life while he is incapacitated in the hospital. He has a spouse that dies during his stay in Italy, and is unable to sustain a functional relationship with his girlfriend/wife Kay because of his devotion to family affairs. In the pilot episode of Arrested Development, Michael Bluth wants to leave his family business behind and find a normal life on his own terms. However, he is forced back into the family business when his father is taken to jail, as he is the only one qualified amongst his brothers and sister to continue the family business. Michael is practically the only one who looks after his father, visiting George Sr. frequently in jail. He has a spouse that died at some point in his past, and is unable to sustain functional relationships with various women because of his devotion to family affairs.

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list of double acts

My favorite:

Abe Lincoln / Gandhi / Clone High

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do you believe in rock ‘n’ roll?

Can music save your mortal soul?

The Grand Rapids LipDub, via Chairman Guber. I don’t know if this is a Rule for My Unborn Son, but my children will be required to know all the words to this song.

“springtime for hitler”, but in bollywood


Until now, I’d been left with nothing but this review to ponder as I tried to imagine just how bad the film might be. Luckily for me, the Internet Gods are kind, and I found a promo reel created for that Marche du Film screening, and I will now share it with you. It is fucking awful. The entire Third Reich is played by Indian actors speaking either Hindi or ridiculously stilted English. Raghuvir Yadav, playing Hitler, can’t be more than 4 ft 10 inches high, and the beautiful Neha Dhupia in a ridiculous red wig as Eva Braun (Brown) must be seen to be believed.

Basically, it’s a movie about India’s links with the Third Reich and the Axis, of which there are many.  And there is no shortage of fascist sympathizers among otherwise respectable middle-class Indians who should probably be educated about WWII.  But man, this is awful.

gogo para presidente

Once upon a time, TNT showed cartoons. And sometimes, these cartoons were strung together in the form of the short-lived Rudy and Gogo World Famous Cartoon Show. This cartoon show included sketches and bizarre bumpers in between cartoons, and one of these in particular has haunted my dreams for years. For YEARS.

The RGWFCS was dropped by TBS before it even aired, and didn’t do so hot after it was subsequently picked up by TNT either—which would explain why whenever I would try to explain this clip to someone, they would assume that I had fallen to that zany LSD stamp thing the kids were into in the 90s. This stunt aired as a way to boost sagging ratings during the ’96 election year. It worked…to scar me for life.

Vote goat.

mapping america's netflix rentals

Great interactive graphic from the NYT mapping the top Netflix rentals of 2009 to various zipcodes in major metro areas. New York is predictable: Manhattan watches artsy crap, Jersey and Westchester County watch crap they heard was sophisticated from people at the last wine tasting, and the outer boroughs watch action flicks and minority-targeted fare.

DC is predictable, too, but the patterns are far more distinct. One can actually make out a dividing line between the more affluent, mostly white suburbs (MoCo, NW DC, Arlington/Fairfax Co) and the areas with higher minority representation (NE/SE DC, PG Co, Alexandria). The dividing line seems to be along I-295 and I-395, bisecting the beltway.

Minneapolis is very, very white. But you already knew this.

meshugene men

Promo for the Purim show at 92Y Tribeca*, via Design Observer:

*-I’ve never understood why they keep the 92Y branding. Tribeca is nowhere near 92nd. The geographic center in my brain hurts.

bollywood chutzpah

A Hindi film titled Ghajini is set for release over here this weekend with an exciting plot: a man with anterograde amnesia tries to hunt down his lover’s murderer(s). Oh, wait: I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that plot before. It’s not that I’m particularly surprised by the cinematic plagiarism—Hindi films haven’t come up with an original plotline since about 1977.

No, what gets me is that Aamir Khan, the lead whose primary contribution to the film is having spent six months in solitary confinement in a gym, can say with a straight face that the movie isn’t a ripoff. Except it might be, but only of the Tamil movie of the same name. “Amir said that…storyline, screenplay, direction and everything is totally different. You watch both the film and you realize how different the two films are.” Yeah. One is among IMDb’s top 25 movies, and the other takes one of IMDb’s top 25 movies and drops it into a fecal bucket of song-and-dance and poorly choreographed fight sequences. That’s a pretty big difference.

saved by zero, the movie

If you watch this commercial, you will DIE.

Savedbyzero! Savedbyzero! Savedbyzero! [via Design Observer]

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