literal "take on me"

A parody of A-Ha’s “Take on Me” in which the lyrics are literal. Band mont-aaaaaaaaage!

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social networking and cross-dressing

Dear Don Draper, Do you have any views on men using Facebook?
Yes, the same ones I have of men wearing brassieres.

What Would Don Draper Do #91

wes anderson and jason schwartzman shop for CDs and DVDs

YouTube – Wes Anderson and Jason Schwartzman Shop for CDs and DVDs. Pretty sure I’d be deep in debt after such a shopping trip.

how good is the detail in Mad Men?

Well, here’s the cast out of costume:

And here they are in costume. Crazy.
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objectified: the new film from gary hustwit

Gary Hustwit, the documentary filmmaker who brought us the most excellent Helvetica, has a sorta-sequel: Objectified!

Objectified is a documentary about industrial design; it’s about the manufactured objects we surround ourselves with, and the people who make them. On an average day, each of us uses hundreds of objects. (Don’t believe it? Start counting: alarm clock, light switch, faucet, shampoo bottle, toothbrush, razor…) Who makes all these things, and why do they look and feel the way they do? All of these objects are “designed,” but how can good design make them, and our lives, better?

One reason that I’m delving into the world of objects in this film is that I, admittedly, am obsessed by them. Why do I salivate over a shiny new piece of technology, or obsess over a 50-year-old plywood chair? What does all the stuff I accumulate say about me, and do I really need any of it in the first place?

The film is set for release in early 2009. As a side note, I was going to post this when I received the email announcement through the Helvetica email list. But then I was scooped by a half dozen different design and tech blogs I subscribe to within THREE HOURS. Moral of the story: I need to cut down on my RSS feeds and post faster.

tony on ted

Anthony Bourdain, in a new post about driving recklessly and hanging out with Alice Cooper and The Nuge:

It was inevitable, if you think about it, that I should make television, eat BBQ and play with large caliber automatic weapons with Ted Nugent. It was, I think, only a matter of time. In fact, midway through shooting a scene at “The Nuge’s” ranch, I got a text from Mario Batali — inviting me out for drinks or some kind of mayhem. I texted back that I regretted being unable to join him as I was currently unloading a belt-fed M-60 machine gun at Ted Nugent’s place. His totally unsurprised response was ” Of course you are.”

I didn’t seek Ted out, by the way. I was summoned. He called a while back, said we should make television together – -and then told me exactly how. When the Nuge says jump? You ask only “How High?” and “How much ammo will I need?” In TedWorld, by the way, it all makes perfect sense.

He’s a rocker; he rocks out. With The Nuge, no less.

because you can never have enough steampunk

Merlin Mann gets in on the DIY/steampunk action. [Contains dialogue not suitable for the kiddies.]

Steampunk DIY from Merlin Mann on Vimeo.

there will be vader

This is why mashups were invented. This one stars Daniel Plainview as Darth Vader.

[h/t: Kottke]

michael bay on awesome

Okay, I hate you a little less now. Or maybe it’s just because you look a little like lovable ol’ Beck.

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